The new standard for office and warehouse rentals.

For more than 30 years we have successfully developed and managed business parks, commercial properties and office- and storage facilities with optional infrastructural services. With Benahubs we are now establishing a new standard for office and warehous properties regarding infrastructure, design and flexibility in the Vienna metropolitan region.

This includes one single contact person for all deal phases. Bena guarantees fast and flexible decisions. You are always talking directly to the owner.

Our Hubs

IZ NÖ Süd Straße 3, Objekt 41

A-2351 Wiener Neudorf

Our location, directly on the highway A2 in Austria´s biggest commercial area, offers office spaces, warehouses and showrooms over more than 10.000m2. With the most modern infrastructure and access roads for trucks and warehouses with a height of 10 meters, this hub offers perfect facilities for storage and logistics businesses.

Ricoweg 28-30

A-2351 Wiener Neudorf

Also located on the A2 and in Austria´s most important commercial area, this Benahub offers seperated units (offices, storage and combinations) which can be branded according to our clients corporate identities.

Ricoweg 32

A-2351 Wiener Neudorf

Close to our location at Ricoweg 28-30 this object is also directly connected to the highway A2 and offers 4 seperated office/storage combinations. The objects can be branded accordint to our clients coporate identities. 

Kolbegasse 66

A-1230 Wien

Close to the intersection Inzersdorf (highway A23) we offer offices with optional storage space. Open space offices or offices with smaller rooms are available and can be customized according to our clients’ specific needs.

Badener Strasse 12

A-2700 Wiener Neustadt

Our location in the commercial area of Wiener Neustadt is close to the highway A2 and offers premium office spaces, warehouses and open spaces. Our warehouses have ramps and rolling gates which allows easy accessibility for large vehicles. 

Lichtblaustraße 7

A-1220 Wien

Our latest location in the northeast of Vienna offers office spaces, show rooms and warehouse facilities. Typical for the Bena Hub concept our warehouses are equipped with rolling gates and ramps for trucks for easy accessibility.